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I work with stock photos, DAZ, and my own artwork in order to create a cover that is as unique as your story. Stand out from the crowd with these amazing covers!

2019-07.1d Academy Redhead ebook.jpg

Pre-made Cover

  • Pre-made
  • Each book after will be "pre-made" similarly
  • 1 Revision for color, fonts, and names
  • Ebook + paperback
1 Wicked Witch 1i4 ebook.jpg

Trust Cover

  • You tell me what you want
  • And then trust me with little management
  • 1 stock or 3d character
  • ebook + paperback
Most popular
1.5g Kingdom of Dreams ebook.jpg

Complete Custom

  • You have complete control
  • Multiple stock photos or created characters
  • 5 Revisions
  • Ebook + paperback