I’m Frankie Jo Blooding. I’m an indie author and an indie service provider. When I’m not creating covers, I’m creating outlines for other authors.

I’ve been working on my art for several years and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I don’t suck horribly at it. Okay. I suck considerably less than I did a year ago, or three years ago. So, that’s progress!

I work very hard to help my authors walk away with covers they enjoy.

I will say that I work best when given a little rein go express my creative self…creatively. My super controlled commissions don’t turn out nearly as well. So, if you’re a controller, keep that in mind. We might butt heads a little.

I love working on covers. I love doing art. This is a joy for me. And I’m going to continue to grow and push myself to new heights.

The best way to contact me is through Facebook Messenger or via email.